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Product Review: LRC (Lawrence- Ray Concepts) Mega Bounce & Body Line

Lawrence- Ray Concepts, or LRC, is a natural and organic hair product line based out of Los Angeles California. They actually have a pretty wide range of products. I have … Continue reading

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Best Way To Detangle Curly Hair: The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer looks like an oversized spiked jelly bean but you know what? It gets sht done!  Save Time, Energy, & Length Price Range: $12 – $20 Comes in … Continue reading

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Trip to India: Preparation

I am on the verge of exploding with excitement over the fact that in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, I will be leaving my cozy little nook in Paris, France to … Continue reading

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Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Leave In Moisturizer

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk leave In Moisturizer (Original) Light Weight: Check Moisture Rich Curls: Check Smells Clean: Check Balling On A Budget: Nope; $20 price tag I think the general price of Carol’s Daughter … Continue reading

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Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Hair Smoothie

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Hair Smoothie Smells Like Heaven: Check Leave’s Your Hair Moisturized: Check Check (soo good!) Leave’s You Broke: Check …. hehehe just kidding 0.0 Actually Im not entirely kidding about the … Continue reading

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Vegan In Paris: M.O.B.

M.O.B. Vegan Restaurant Good Food: Check Dope Décor: Check Reasonable Price Tag: Check Check  Burgers, hot dogs, french fries…. traditional American eats minus the meat! M.O.B is a fantastic vegan spot with a pretty groovy … Continue reading

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Paris Vintage Shopping: Vintage Desir (Part 2)

10 euro Dress from my first visit to Vintage Desir a few weeks ago I find it funny when people tell me they “never find anything at thrift shops” . There … Continue reading

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Vegan in Paris: Au Grain de Folie

The one week vegan challenge has been slightly difficult here in Paris. As diverse a population as it has, you would think there would be more vegetarian and vegan  restaurants but … Continue reading

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Determined: The One Week Vegan Challenge

Who needs cheese anyway?!?? *begins to sob* No let me be serious. I am actually very excited to do a one week vegan challenge. I am even considering extending it to a month … Continue reading

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New Years Day 2013:  It was cold out, I was slightly hung over, and in about 3 days I was going to make one of the biggest moves of my … Continue reading

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Keep it casual ... 🌿🌺✨ I wish I was on a boat going whale watching on this fine Monday. Where do I go to make that my life? 
Imagine alllllll your homies, on a boat... with fresh mango and coconut water and moisturised hair and sun kissed inner elbows (like that's how good the tan is, even your pasty inner elbows start to glow)... haha it's gonna happen but sometimes you gotta visualise for motivation 🙋🏽🤗😍 Bikini from @andreaiyamahswimwear 🌺🌿 Flashback to Barbados ✨

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