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Product Review: LRC (Lawrence- Ray Concepts) Mega Bounce & Body Line

Lawrence- Ray Concepts, or LRC, is a natural and organic hair product line based out of Los Angeles California. They actually have a pretty wide range of products. I have … Continue reading

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Best Way To Detangle Curly Hair: The Tangle Teezer

The Tangle Teezer looks like an oversized spiked jelly bean but you know what? It gets sht done!  Save Time, Energy, & Length Price Range: $12 – $20 Comes in … Continue reading

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Trip to India: Preparation

I am on the verge of exploding with excitement over the fact that in LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, I will be leaving my cozy little nook in Paris, France to … Continue reading

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Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Leave In Moisturizer

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk leave In Moisturizer (Original) Light Weight: Check Moisture Rich Curls: Check Smells Clean: Check Balling On A Budget: Nope; $20 price tag I think the general price of Carol’s Daughter … Continue reading

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Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Hair Smoothie

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Hair Smoothie Smells Like Heaven: Check Leave’s Your Hair Moisturized: Check Check (soo good!) Leave’s You Broke: Check …. hehehe just kidding 0.0 Actually Im not entirely kidding about the … Continue reading

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Vegan In Paris: M.O.B.

M.O.B. Vegan Restaurant Good Food: Check Dope Décor: Check Reasonable Price Tag: Check Check  Burgers, hot dogs, french fries…. traditional American eats minus the meat! M.O.B is a fantastic vegan spot with a pretty groovy … Continue reading

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Paris Vintage Shopping: Vintage Desir (Part 2)

10 euro Dress from my first visit to Vintage Desir a few weeks ago I find it funny when people tell me they “never find anything at thrift shops” . There … Continue reading

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Vegan in Paris: Au Grain de Folie

The one week vegan challenge has been slightly difficult here in Paris. As diverse a population as it has, you would think there would be more vegetarian and vegan  restaurants but … Continue reading

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Determined: The One Week Vegan Challenge

Who needs cheese anyway?!?? *begins to sob* No let me be serious. I am actually very excited to do a one week vegan challenge. I am even considering extending it to a month … Continue reading

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New Years Day 2013:  It was cold out, I was slightly hung over, and in about 3 days I was going to make one of the biggest moves of my … Continue reading

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Lounging Poolside at @villaveo 🌺💜🌿 This place was so beautiful! Booked by @sweetcaribbeanholidays 💜 if you're traveling to the Caribbean soon follow their page! They have ALLLLL the contacts! 😍🙌🏽 I've been working out everyday since I've been here with their recommended trainer @ledoubles and I can actually see a difference 😝 
Would you workout during vacation or you just want to relax? 😃🤔 Cc: @martiniquemagnifique #martiniquetourisme #SweetCaribbeanHolidays #TravelLoveGrow J'aime le soleil 🌞🌺🌿 Me, my curls, and my curves are living our best lives out here 🤗🙌🏽🌶 Thank you @Alibikinibrasil for this cute set! 
Shades from @hiwear_opticien 🌞
Curls styled with @curlsvitamins 
#martiniquetourisme  #TravelLoveGrow #femmeinbloom

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