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Paris Vintage Shopping: Vintage Desir (Part 2)


10 euro Dress from my first visit to Vintage Desir a few weeks ago

I find it funny when people tell me they “never find anything at thrift shops” . There are a million and one items on the racks and you can’t find one?! And then its these same people who tell me they like an outfit I bought from a thrift shop. I’m like well… it was there on the rack… It could have been yours 0.0 I think they really just don’t like the idea of wearing something that other people have worn or they don’t feel like putting in the work (and it is work) to find what they like in their size. To that all I can offer is, eat a good breakfast, dress in easy to change out of clothes, and when you find something you like??Well, wash it and keep it moving honey!


Vintage Desir in Montmartre has quickly become one of my favourites. The prices are always reasonable and they continually restock but maintain the same types of items. I know exactly where the skirts are, where they keep the dresses, the hats, the belts, and the bags. I’ve got the shop navigation down to a science.


At my last visit, I found quite a few bits of lust-worthy eye candy. When I shop I am not looking for luxury. I am looking for other things like colour, fun, for something quirky or something creative, or sometimes just simply something I can enjoy wearing.

First up are the ten euro dresses:








At ten euros, they are not big investments. At the very least you can throw on some tights, some cute boots, pair it with your favourite bag, and voila, you have an easy to wear outfit that’s fun and most likely, one  no one else will have!

I am desperately looking for ways to wear my curly hair under hats because these fur/ faux fur ones are too cute!



I have just finished the one week vegan challenge and am having second thoughts when it comes to the ethics of fur (for me). The good thing about buying vintage is that it doesn’t necessarily feed into current production. I tell myself anyway. I found these three to be groovy. They were between 45 and 65 euros.




This particular time I didn’t find too many skirts I liked but this one for 5 euros caught my eye.


I actually really liked this bag in the window. I was considering whether it would fit an iPad Mini in it haha you must visualize! I didn’t buy it but I think it has nice character. All the bags here were 5 euros.



I always have to have a peak at the belts. I like to use one to tighten oversized cardigans and coats to make them more flattering and cozy.


I ended up buying this little number 🙂


Now I saw this piece and I just couldn’t… it’s the kind of thing that gives thrift shops a bad name!


I usually love jumpsuits and have a pretty open mind when it comes to the different styles but this particular one is just beyond my scope. Yowzas ._.

Definitely check out Vintage Desir at 28 rue Yvonne le Tac, 75018 Paris.

I usually take metro 12 to Abbesses. Take the elevator out of the metro as this station has a ton of stairs to get to street level. Good exercise if you want to though!

Own It,

René Daniella


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