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Vegan In Paris: M.O.B.

M.O.B. Vegan Restaurant

Good Food: Check

Dope Décor: Check

Reasonable Price Tag: Check Check 

M.O.B. Paris Restaurant

Burgers, hot dogs, french fries…. traditional American eats minus the meat! M.O.B is a fantastic vegan spot with a pretty groovy menu. Look at the Lettuce wrap burger 0.0 I dig it!

Vegan Burger and Hot Dogs

The interior decoration was pretty fun! Note the awesome curtains they have along the wall.

M.O.B. Pairs

I ordered the M.O.B dog with fries and a coconut water. They had some Brooklyn Lager and a few other beers, a selection of rosé, blanc, and rouge French wine, and then the usual water and juice beverage options. The “M.O.B” dog was ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS AND THEN SOME. It was honestly a great alternative to those anemic ball park franks people love. In a taste test I am convined it would win hands down!


I really liked the texture of the fries. They were the right balance of crunch and softness… if that makes sense. My Friend had the M.O.B. burger deluxe. It had delicious eggplant on it too. Everything had that smokey flavour to it like it had been BBQ’ed

M.O.B. Burger

We had cookies and a cheese cake for dessert. Both vegan. Everything in there was. I unfortunately ate the cheese cake too fast to take a photo but that should tell you it was THAT good !

M.O.B Cookie

Location & Directions:

34 Quai d’Austerlitz
75013 Paris
Métro: Quai de la Gare- ligne 6, Gare D’Austerlitz – ligne 5


3 comments on “Vegan In Paris: M.O.B.

  1. Chantelle
    December 7, 2013

    Wow!!! Impressive. Throughout my years of traveling to Paris, a Vegan spot is the hardest thing to find….but that’s most of Europe. Do u mind sharing the address of M.O.B…..I’d love to go there on my next visit. Thanks.

    • ownbyfemme
      December 7, 2013

      Hi! I will add it to the post.
      34 Quai d’Austerlitz
      75013 Paris
      Métro: Quai de la Gare- ligne 6, Gare D’Austerlitz – ligne 5

      Yes it is extremely hard to find vegan options here in Paris! There just aren’t that many restaurants catering to the vegan diet. I really enjoyed M.O.B on my last visit. Hope you enjoy it!

      Own It,
      René Daniella

      • Chantelle
        December 7, 2013

        Thanx René….. I’llsend feedback when I get the chance to go there.

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