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Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Hair Smoothie

Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla (Moisturizing) Hair Smoothie

Smells Like Heaven: Check

Leave’s Your Hair Moisturized: Check Check (soo good!)

Leave’s You Broke: Check …. hehehe just kidding 0.0


Actually Im not entirely kidding about the price as I am quite happy to use a massive jar of raw coconut oil (which lasts ages) for 6 bucks and be done with it. At $20 for an 8 oz container it isn’t necessarily the most friendly price tag but does it work? Um YES MA’AM!

My hair was so soft and moisturized after using the hair smoothie. It says to use for 5-7 minutes deep conditioning in the shower but I actually left it on over night with a shower cap initially (as I often do with masks, whoops) and then just had it in a bun with no cap as I slept. Be careful about getting product on your pillow cases though. I didn’t use a massive amount so there wasn’t really any transfer.

I shampoo’d my hair in the shower. Applied the product and detangled with a wide tooth comb, and then covered it with a shower cap while I completed my evening shenanigans, like red wine and Scandal 😀

Side Note, how adorable are these shower caps???

3738_largeScreen Shot 2013-12-06 at 4.26.19 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-06 at 4.22.04 PM

They’re a pretty cheep and cheerful way to exercise your right to be fabulous!

I washed the hair smoothie out in the morning and had smooth soft curls! The 2nd day wash and go after this product definitely had less frizz and maintained more moisturized curls than without the product.


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