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Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Leave In Moisturizer

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk leave In Moisturizer (Original)

Light Weight: Check

Moisture Rich Curls: Check

Smells Clean: Check

Balling On A Budget: Nope; $20 price tag


I think the general price of Carol’s Daughter products must be $20… welp! -_-

So I am addicted to leave-in moisturizers. They are a required product by my standards. I colour process my hair about twice a year and there fore am extremely conscious of moisture to frizz ratios and honey, HAIR.GETS.THIRSTY…. I am sure I don’t have to tell you that though.

When I use leave-in’s, I always look to make sure they fight frizz and aren’t too heavy. Volume is king in my house. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk is very good at keeping my hair frizz free and it’s really not too heavy. I mean freshly washed and detangled hair is always going to be a little disappointing on the size scale unless you diffuse it, which if you have the time to do so I definitely recommend it.

If not though, you can certainly count on this moisturizer to help maintain softness and reduce frizz activity in between washes. When you first apply it make sure you comb it through with a wide tooth comb or paddle brush for even distribution and to make sure the curls are defined.

The test now is to see how long the bottle will last me. That eat-ramen-so-your-curls-can-live life is not the most desirable but I will consider it when necessary!


2 comments on “Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Leave In Moisturizer

  1. Caleb
    December 13, 2013

    Thanks for the review. I enjoy learning about all of the products on the market.

  2. kiki
    December 29, 2013

    I know this is outside of hair but your skin is flawless, could you please enlighten us all on your regimen? You have no spots at all !!!! I live in a cooler area so I cannot get as much vitamin D to heal my skin, and I know that sunscreen is important… From what I gathered I can conclude that you eat well, exercise, drink water heavily, and love yourself which all helps…. but any ideas on spots and making skin appear glowy, flawless, etc… Like Rihannas skin lol

    I love how you are so wise and you share your wisdom, you are so like me, I will be going to grad school in London 😉 hopefully I see you love you! Stay free and beautiful, that is what always works… authenticity, genuine, love

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